FAQ Turisvol Helicopters – FAQ's

Answers to your questions about Turisvol Tours and Charter flights

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How many people do your helicopter seat?

Our R44 helicopter can seat 3 passengers and 1 pilot at a time + There are 2 seats in the back and 1 seat up front with the pilot. Every seat is a window seat, giving every seat a great view.

Can we customize our tour?

If you have a particular thing or area that you wish to fly over we can accommodate most requests. Turisvol also provides charter flight service, adapting to most of your needs..

Is there a weight limit or other restrictions?
The aircrafts we work with at the moment, have a weight limit of 110kg and height limit of 1,90m.

Is it possible that my, tour or charter·gets cancelled?

A flight may be cancelled due to ·poor weither; or mechanical failure. Both or are highly improbable , although cannot be discarted..

Security has our highest priority.

Is it allowed to use electronics, cameras,cell phones, etc.?

The instruments we use these days for aerial navigation at VFR, allow the use of electronics, digital cameras, cell phones, etc..